Programe Educaționale

Talent Academy – Foundation

Susținut de Andrew Taylor

Professional Development Program for HR & Talent Specialists, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Managers. The perfect micro-MBA in HR Management.

Talent Academy

The internationally-accredited certification programme, developed in partnership with the University of Suffolk and Connect CEE – delivered by professor Andrew Taylor Ph.D.

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Main beneficiaries of this programme

This program would benefit especially HR professionals, either beginners or mid-level specialists, but it is extraordinarily practical and useful for all kinds of entrepreneurs and business managers. Talent Academy is an internationally accredited program, which delivers global standards of quality to its participants.

The program has two levels (Foundation and Advanced), each including six modules. This is the Foundation-level program, but we have an Advanced-level program as well.

After completing every level of the program, participants will be granted an international Talent Management certification issued by the University of Suffolk, United Kingdom. The Certification is issued separately, for each entire program of six modules: Advanced, respectively Foundation. Students can follow both programs and get both Certifications.

The concept

Talent Academy is an internationally-accredited program that delivers global standards of quality to its participants. Designed to be both intellectually rigorous and immediately practical, the modular format of this program minimizes impact upon working time, whilst maximizing job relevance. Modules may be taken individually as stand-alone learning.

However, the connection between modules ensures that learning across the program is both logical land interconnected. The use of case studies, experiential tools, and group interactions are central to ensure that learning is interactive and impactful.

Every module will have a one-day length and will be delivered in Cluj-Napoca, one per month, based on a calendar that will be decided together with the participants. The courses will be delivered in face-2-face meetings, in safe and comfortable conditions. At the end of the program, to get the certification, the participants will present a project on how the learning will e practically applied in their own work and organizations.

Course structure

The Talent Academy program offers two levels of learning:

Level one – Foundation is designed for less experienced employees (students, juniors, or Mid-specialists) and provides a solid foundation, from which to deliver coherent operational outcomes.

Level two – Advanced is designed for more experienced employees (Mid- or Senior-level specialists, HR managers) to be able to make a more strategic contribution to the organization.


This is the Level One: Foundation – level programme, with the following structure:

Module 1: Models for Managing People: Explores the tensions and contradictions that lie at the heart of managing people.

Module 2: Recruitment and Selection: A highly practical overview of the key steps and options in the recruitment process.

Module 3: Compensation and Benefits: Covers the legal, theoretical & practical issues involved in HR Administration in Romania.

Module 4: Human Resource Development: Explores how Learning & Development, performance management, coaching, etc. can deliver superior outcomes.

Module 5: The Legal & Psychological Contract: Legal issues in employment contracts and the variety of ways that employee relationships function and become dysfunctional.

Module 6: Organisational Structure & Culture: Examines relationships between organisational structures & cultures as drivers of behaviour.

What you need to know
  • Minimum 12 students, maximum 25 students
  • The content of the course and materials offered is in English, participants must be able to learn English at minimum B1 level.
  • At this moment, the cost of this programme cannot be precisely mentioned, this information will be available when the appropriate conditions for health, safety, travel, and educational face-2-face events will be completely met. In order to fasten the implementation and development of this program, please show your interest by completing the pre-registration form below.
    The SPOR School will grant one or two full scholarships for this program, the conditions for the applications will be announced at the appropriate moment.
  • Ask for anything you want to know by writing an e-mail to
Who delivers this Masterclass

Talent Academy

Professor Andrew Taylor has twenty three years of business experience across Europe, North America & Asia, as a head-hunter, management consultant, interim HR Director, learning facilitator and business school lecturer (University of Hull). He has a Ph.D. from the University of Cardiff, Wales. He is the director of Transylvania Executive Education, the organization delivering The Executive MBA programmes of Hull University Business School.

Andrew has worked for a wide range of multinational clients such as Coca-Cola, Holcim, AIG, PwC, GSK, Deloitte, Orange, Volksbank, ING, Vodafone and many more. The founder of Connect CEE (consulting) and Endike Associates (executive search), he has also written for current affairs magazines & academic journals. In 2013 published his first book and in June 2019 launched his latest book, about how the convergence of technology & globalisation is changing the management of people and political economies.

An accomplished public speaker, Andrew is skilled at working with an audience to ensure that events are exciting, fun and deliver real learning value. Whilst his training as a researcher allows him to quickly identify the key trends that are affecting organisational success. A natural leader, Andrew is able to mobilise support for and deliver organisational changes which are difficult and not always comfortable for those involved.


Dr. Andrew Taylor has more than 25 years of business experience across Europe, N. America & Asia, as a head-hunter, management consultant, interim HR Director, learning facilitator, and business school lecturer (University of Hull, University of Staffordshire). A huge wave of knowledge, expertise, passion, humor, curiosity, ethics, and joy for intellectual debate is experienced by all those having the luck to study with him. Andy invites everybody on a fascinating journey in the field of all humanistic sciences, and all his students discover new facets of their profession and personality.

Doru Șupeală

Managing Director, SPOR

Talent Academy – Foundation

Pre-registration form

Please complete this form to show your interest related to this educational programme.

Your personal data and contact information will be used only to inform you about the launch and development of this educational programme.

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