Talent Academy

The micro-MBA for HR professionals. Internationally - accredited Program for Human Resources & Talent Specialists, Executives, and Managers.
 mai 2022
Stables - Business Community & Events. Onisifor Ghibu 20A, Record Business Park , Cluj
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Main beneficiaries of this programme

This program would benefit especially HR professionals and Talent Managers, but it is extraordinarily practical and useful for experienced entrepreneurs and business managers as well.

Talent Academy is an internationally accredited program, which delivers global standards of quality to its participants.

In 2021, we have delivered this program for the first group of HR professionals, in Cluj.

In 2022, we will surely deliver this program in Cluj and Bucharest, but we make efforts to organize independent study groups of at least 10 trainees for Timișoara as well. 

We intend to start the program in March 2022 and to deliver six monthly modules, excluding the time for summer holidays, but a final calendar will be set up by the participants, together with the tutor.

Please apply to this program by completing the form below, in order to take you into consideration for creating the study group in your city.

The Talent Academy program has two levels (Foundation and Advanced), each including six modules. This is the Advanced-level program, but we have a Foundation-level program as well.

After completing every level of the program, participants will be granted an international Talent Management certification issued by the University of Suffolk, United Kingdom.

The Certification is issued separately, for each entire program of six modules: Advanced, respectively Foundation. Students can follow both programs and get both Certifications.

Testimonials of students in the 2021 program in Cluj:

„The Talent Academy course is very challenging. Module by module, I realized I have a lot to learn. The course is deeply anchored in everyday reality so I really can apply the knowledge at the job.” – Florina Fofiu HR Manager EBM Papst

„When you believe you know everything, the courses at Talent Academy prove that you still have a lot to learn.” – Gyongyi Hunyadi HR Manager – VCST Automotive

The concept

Talent Academy is an internationally-accredited program that delivers global standards of quality to its participants.

Designed to be both intellectually rigorous and immediately practical, the modular format of this program minimizes impact upon working time, whilst maximizing job relevance. Modules may be taken individually as stand-alone learning.

However, the connection between modules ensures that learning across the program is both logical land interconnected. The use of case studies, experiential tools, and group interactions are central to ensure that learning is interactive and impactful.

Every module will have a one-day length and will be delivered in your city, one per month, based on a calendar that will be decided together with the participants.

The courses will be delivered in face-2-face meetings, in safe and comfortable conditions. At the end of the program, to get the certification, the participants will present a project on how the learning will e practically applied in their own work and organizations.

Course structure

The structure of Talent Academy – Advanced Level:

The Talent Academy program offers two levels of learning:

Level one – Foundation is designed for less experienced employees (students, juniors, or Mid-specialists) and provides a solid foundation, from which to deliver coherent operational outcomes.

Level two – Advanced is designed for more experienced employees (Mid- or Senior-level specialists, HR managers) to be able to make a more strategic contribution to the organization.

 This is the Level Two: Advanced – level program, with the following structure:

Module 1: Strategic HR Management – Compares the three major models of the HR strategy.

Module 2: Performance Management: From onboarding to succession planning, via coaching. How to deliver excellence.

Module 3: Employer Branding: Explores what works and what does not in different cultural and organizational contexts.

Module 4: Motivation & Personality: Explores people`s motivational needs, what motivates people to deliver excellence, theories of personality, how they affect results & may be measured.

Module 5: Management & Leadership: Examines theories of leadership and their relationship to structure, culture, personality, etc.

Module 6: High-Performance Management: A practical, theoretical & ethical examination of contemporary high-performance models.

Note: For all modules, the participants to the Program, together with the Tutor, will be able to change the modules’ order and the delivery schedule, according to the group preferences and calendar.

The location of the courses could be changed as well by a decision of all the participants, depending on the situation related to the sanitary restrictions. Of course, the new location will still be in your city.

The program for all six modules will include coffee breaks and relaxation moments. The lunch break lasts 90 minutes, lunch is not included in the course price.

Date, location and format

Interactive and practical seminars and workshops lasting one day, between 09.00 – 18.00, with a group of 10 to 20 students.

The space for the course is rented exclusively for this event, a maximum total of 20 people will participate in this program.

Participation cost

Cost of participation: Early booking: 1800 Euro + VAT (The price is for the entire program, Advanced level – all 6 modules;

The early booking fee is available till March 2022, at the first module. The cost of one module is 350 euro + VAT, but modules must be taken altogether to benefit from the University of Suffolk certification.

After the Early booking interval, the cost of the program will be 2200 euro + VAT (or 400 euro + VAT for each module).

You can pre-book a seat in this program by completing the form below. Every student seat in this program is booked and confirmed after the payment of the total participation cost.

This is the total cost for the entire program and includes water, coffee, tea, snacks, teaching materials, and supplies.

The organizer is a Ltd. (SRL) company and issues an invoice (adding VAT). The payment schedule for the cost of the program will be discussed by the organizers with each student.

The advance paid for the booking and/or the participation cost already paid will be returned in a proportion of 100% if the program is canceled. Reserved seats are transferable, participants can be replaced at any time before the start of the program.


The SPOR School, together with Connect CEE and the University of Suffolk will grant one full scholarship, providing free access to the program, for students, teachers, or professionals who are not able to pay the course fee.

It is possible for the organizers to decide to offer two partial scholarships (50%) instead of one full scholarship, depending on the applications.

To apply for the scholarship: send a CV and a short letter of motivation to info@scoalaspor.ro by 1st of March 2022, mentioning the course, the city, and the date of the course at which you apply for the scholarship.

Photo / video recordings

The learning events could be filmed (partially) and photographed, and the resulting materials will be used for the production of promotional materials and media presentations.

Participants will express their written consent to this, in accordance with the GDPR.

Sanitary preventive measures

All interactions within the program will avoid physical contact between participants and will respect the distances and safety conditions established by the authorities.

On the days of the courses, the course space is reserved exclusively for this course, no other event is scheduled at that location.

Participants and organizers will strictly follow all the rules of health security and the limitation of interactions that are in force on the date of the event.


Use the underground parking of Record Business Park – Onisifor Ghibu 20A, Cluj-Napoca. The cost is 3 lei/hour.

Special legal conditions

In the unlikely conditions in which the authorities will prohibit or restrict the conduct of the event at the specified date, times and location, the event will be rescheduled with priority, in physical format.

If it is not possible to organize the course in physical format, the course will be delivered online, in a series of seven online meetings lasting 2 hours each, scheduled on days and times agreed with the students.

All online sessions will be video-audio recorded and will be made available to participants.

The events are canceled only in exceptional conditions (explicit legal prohibition or long-term unavailability of the course holder).

Other relevant information

Note: for those interested in the FOUNDATION-LEVEL program:

The Talent Academy – Foundation Level program which will be launched soon, and includes:

Module 1: Models for Managing People: Explores the tensions and contradictions that lie at the heart of managing people.

Module 2: Recruitment and Selection: A highly practical overview of the key steps and options in the recruitment process.

Module 3: Compensation and Benefits: Covers the legal, theoretical & practical issues involved in HR Administration in Romania.

Module 4: Human Resource Development: Explores how Learning & Development, performance management, coaching, etc. can deliver superior outcomes.

Module 5: The Legal & Psychological Contract: Legal issues in employment contracts and the variety of ways that employee relationships function and become dysfunctional.

Module 6: Organisational Structure & Culture: Examines relationships between organisational structures & cultures as drivers of behaviour.

You can pre-register for the Foundation-level program, by using this link in our Programs section, or by sending us an e-mail at info@scoalaspor.ro. Please mention in the subject that you are interested in the Talent Academy – Foundation level program. Thank you.

What you need to know
Euro + TVA
  • Early booking: 1800 Euro + VAT. Cost for all six modules of the program. Full price: 2200 euro + VAT.
  • Minimum 10 students, maximum 20 students.
  • The content of the course and materials offered is in English, participants must be able to learn English at minimum B1 level.
  • Detalii suplimentare: solicitați prin e-mail la info@scoalaspor.ro.
Who delivers this course

Talent Academy

Professor Andrew Taylor has twenty-four years of business experience across Europe, N. America & Asia, as a head-hunter, management consultant, interim HR Director, learning facilitator, and business school lecturer (the University of Hull, University of Staffordshire). He has a Ph.D. from the University of Cardiff, Wales.

Andrew has worked for a wide range of multinational clients such as Coca-Cola, Holcim, AIG, PwC, GSK, Deloitte, Orange, Volksbank, ING, Vodafone, and many more. He is the founder of Connect CEE (business consulting and education),  Endike Associates (executive search), and Transilvania Executive Education (the Executive MBA program of Hull University Business School in Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Andrew has also written for current affairs magazines & academic journals. in 2013 published his first book (”Taking Care of Business: Innovation, Ethics & Sustainability”), and in June 2019 launched his latest book (”People Place & Global Order: Foundations of a Networked Political Economy” – Routledge Publishing), about how the convergence of technology & globalization is changing the management of people and political economies. His new book ”Leadership For a Green World” was published by Routledge in 2021.

An accomplished public speaker, Andrew is skilled at working with an audience to ensure that events are exciting, fun, and deliver real learning value. Whilst his training as a researcher allows him to quickly identify the key trends that are affecting organizational success.

A natural leader, Andrew Taylor is able to mobilize support for and deliver organizational changes which are difficult and not always comfortable for those involved.

Book your place at Talent Academy – Advanced level – Cluj 2022

Please fill-in this form to show your interest related to this event.

Your personal data and contact information will be used only to inform you about the launch and development of this educational programme.

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